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Key Instructions Here

Bail Forms

Defendant Forms

Forms Only Defendant Signs

2. CA Addendum

1. Defendant Bail Application

Forms Only Indemnitor Signs

1. Indemnitor Bail Application

2. CA Addendum

Indemnitor Forms

Before co-signing for a bail bond be sure you have discussed doing so with your bail agent, family, or friends. Understand that being an indemnitor is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. You are the one held responsible if anything should happen to the defendant. Be sure you sign only because you have the DESIRE to help and the ABILITY to help. 

General Forms

Forms All Parties Involved Sign

1. Promissory Note

Action Forms 

Forms signed by party who performs action

1. Premium Receipt

2. Credit Card Authorization Form

Signed by whoever pays initial downpayment

Signed by whoever pays initial downpayment

Informational Forms 

Forms that explain process or procedure

2. Fraud Warning

3. Privacy Notice

Conditional Forms

Forms that only apply in certain conditions 

1. Electronic Monitoring