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If you have a case that is being seen out of Stanislaus County or you are unable to make it to office in order to check in, we give you the option to check in here.

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Easily Make An Initial Down Payment or Make A Payment For An Existing Bond

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We offer Public Notary services for anyone that needs it. However, we do offer these services for free for all present and past clients.

We notarize any documents including but not limited to:

  1. Sworn Statement

  2. Quitclaim Deed

  3. Statement of Consent (for application for Passport for child under age 16)

  4. Application for Duplicate or Paperless Title

  5. Power of Attorney

  6. Deed of Trust

  7. Release and Waiver

  8. Parental Consent for Travel

  9. Affidavit of Forgery

  10. Assignment

  11. Certificate of Authorship

  12. Certificate of Identity

  13. Plea Form

  14. Rental Agreement

  15. Grant Deed

  16. Deed of Trust

  17. Compliance Agreement

  18. Name Affidavit

  19. Copy Certification By Document Custodian

  20. Durable Power of Attorney

  21. Power of Attorney for Health Care/Advance Health Care Directive

  22. Spousal Waiver

  23. Demand Letter

  24. Guaranty

  25. Contract

  26. Student Enrollment Verification

  27. Amendment to Revocable Trust

  28. Intercreditor Agreement

  29. Modification Agreement

  30. Subordination Agreement

  31. Resignation of Trustee

  32. Unclaimed Property Form

  33. Authorization

  34. Living Trust

  35. Bill of Sale

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