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Bail vs Bond

The principle of bail is basic to our system of justice. "Bail" is the amount one must give subject to forfeiture in order to secure their release from the governments custody pretrial. The purpose of which provides assurance the arrestee will return to court and stand trial for the crimes in which they are accused of committing . 

A bail bond, with sureties, is essentially a contract between the government on the one side and the accused and his sureties on the other. Under the contract the accused is released into the custody of the sureties (i.e. the bondsman and indemnitors) on their promise to pay the government a stated sum of money if the accused fails to appear before the court in accordance with its terms. The purpose of a bail bond with sureties is to insure that the accused will appear in court at a given time by requiring others to assume responsibility for him on penalty of forfeiture of their property. 

Types of Bail
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